SET Family Medical Clinics (SET)

Providing care to those in need.

SET Family Medical Clinics (SET) is the “Safety Net” that fills the gaps in the health care system.

SET is a nonprofit medical clinic providing care to the uninsured, under-insured, homeless and Medicaid populations in our community. SET has also joined efforts to help educate, navigate and enroll people into the new health insurance exchange. In the rapidly changing healthcare and health insurance system, safety-net clinics, like SET, play a huge role in the future of health care. The charges to treat uninsured patients in our local emergency rooms are passed on to the community in the form of higher hospitals costs and increased health insurance rates. On average, SET services save the community over $4.5 million by treating uninsured and under-insured patients who would normally seek non-emergency care at the local emergency rooms.

Mission Statement

To extend the healing Ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities

SET Family Medical Clinics is a non-profit Centura Health Physicians Group Entity and is sponsored by Centura Health.